One of the worst and most bothering problems in many developing countries!!!

What is corruption actually? - Corruption is the dishonest or fraudulent conduct, by those who are in power, typically involving in bribery! In general, Corruption is the bribing of cash or kind by the officials or the person who needs anything to be done by someone else. This corruption is seen in all kinds and it is mostly done for personal gains.

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The general public is the prey for the corruptors. Because the public want many things that are to be done by the officers but the officer makes illegitimate use of his power and benefits. These officers perform it in an organized way which is legally called as a crime.

If at all India has any enemy or any weakness in the development of the nation the main one is 'corruption'!! The corruption in India can be observed in one or the other form in all over India.There is a possibility of every individual involving in corruption. Connection and mutual understanding among the people make the society strong and this would fasten the development of the nation in the way of unity in diversity. But, not everyone is willing good and might not aim in good goal, this leads to the wrong deeds and involves wrong ideas and it starts bribing in the society. There is a lot of difference between the bribes received by the individual and the officers and the politicians.

The common thing is receiving “Something” (cash or kind) and people must pay for sure as there is a need for something to be done by the opposite person. Individual(Criminals) will bribe for personal gain in a cunning way and they make sure that the person front of him is not getting the idea of what actually he is doing! It is a very bad and cheap trick.

This is a result of the deed of few opportunistic leaders who damages nation starting from themselves and the procrastinate leaders who unintentionally drag this by not taking necessary action on the bureaucrats, criminals etc.These days Corruption has increased at an uncontrollable level and has become a common thing for the people and this is pulling them in any kind of advancement in their development activity.

The worst condition nowadays is, Previously officers used to take a bribe for wrong things done but now even if it is right and the condition is having it done at right time only.

Main cases of corruption:

⦁ Political leaders who are completely concerned if the supreme luxuries and for next elections.

⦁ Government or authorized officers who are in thirst for luxuries are also involved in bribery.

⦁ Lack of knowledge and moral values for the students at their earlier age are not given first priority in the education system.

⦁ Lack of enough staff in some cases.

⦁ Insufficient salaries

⦁ Insufficient administrative rules

⦁ few cases would create fear for the officers from the client who may frighten the officer for the permission grant and the officer must receive the bribe.

Measures To Control Corruption:

⦁ First thing is to make it clear to the public about the use of the currency paid by the by the public, this makes a clear image to the public.


⦁ raising salaries of the employees

⦁ need to give better access to the general public in informing related officers about the bribes faced by them.

⦁ people must know the bad consequences in case of bribe.

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⦁ Officers must not be given chance to charge bribe(CC Cameras)

⦁ Appointing best officers in serving the public.

⦁ People should also take necessary steps by using the technology(by shooting the fraud activities without officers knowledge and giving that info to the respective officials)


When the person who ever working in a better position in the society feel that he is working for his/her own country then there will be no issue of Corruption in the society. The appointing process of the officials must be strict so that the intellectuals and the patriotic persons might not feel any problem in giving their best in the field.


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