For whatever reason that you are now experiencing and you probably think that it leads you to nowhere while walking unhappily, here are the habits of the remarkably successful people that you might want to practice in your life.

They never say "yes" for a "no".

It is normal to receive some request from customer, friends or colleagues even some of it are unusual, it is really hard to say no. it is good that some or most of the people might understand, but for those who don't, should you put so much care about they might possibly think? Accepting for a request on to someone even you really don't agree with it at all, it gives a hard feeling which might stay for a long time and it makes you more disappointed.

But successful individuals do have the practice of saying no. Saying no has been a good habit for them because they know that they have the focus on the things that they really want to do for themselves and also for others.

They never let the past make negative effects on their future.

People can't always have and do everything. We have the limitations and challenges and we all make mistakes along the road. They should not be taken along as burdens, but rather a learning experience that is crucial to your success.

Be willing to do what you want and accept the fact that mistakes will arise. And when something goes wrong, transform it into an opportunity that gives you the lesson which you haven't encountered yet. For the case of someone who encountered a mistake take  the chance of making an opportunity to have the grace and forgiveness.

Successful people believe that their experience is their teacher and the past should never define them but rather encourage them.

Resentment is not in their vocabulary

The perfect thought for this could possibly come from the greatNelson Mandela who said; "Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies."

Bitterness, jealousy and dislike would never help you at all they might even break you. Holding on to something that is against your will, you are the only person who loses and suffers in the end.

Successful people exert and contain all the emotions to focus on what they will do, rather than what others have done.

Gossip is not their act.

Curiosity drives people to different ways; it might be for the good or for the worse. It is really hard to resist to take inside scoops of reasons from someone's past of current activities, whether it is about his/her agenda, motivation and decisions. But unfortunately, it will harm both ways because the person who gossips about other people's lives and commitments is also creating gossips about you. It might be fun at first and then suddenly the page flips back and makes everything wrong.

When having a conversation with another person, remember to consider thinking twice to be sure if you really want to say those thoughts in your mind before actually telling them. Respect is much more important than a structured lie or accusation without a supporting personal thought from the person being gossiped.

Successful people do this in a way that they want to share an inside scoop, but they speak openly which is supported by their own thoughts and feelings. That way it is not considered gossip, but a genuine act.

They never try to interrupt.

Interrupting someone defines your disability of listening not in a matter of hearing but in the matter of absorbing someone's ideas and feelings into your mind. It just shows you just want to share but not listen what others say. You are so overwhelmed by your own thought that you unconsciously disrespect your audience or listeners. 

A professional relationship consists of good listeners, and what makes it greater is that they share, listen and asks questions to make sure that they both have the understanding.

Successful people know what they need to do. They gladly share their knowledge and they attentively listen and learn from what everyone else thinks.

They never desperately fit themselves in just to "fit in"

Today, the industries' goals are to keep us fitting into some sort of trend just to be called"fitted-in" or acceptable in the society. Actually, no one likes us for our clothing brands, the house we live, and the car we own. Titles won't even make us really likeable.

These are just material things which some people may actually like, but that doesn't define that they really like you.

Successful people choose to simply be who they are. They don't desperately create an artificial"them" and may lead to a situation that they a lose an acquaintance, but they know it will be more to be a positive move as they will be able to gain and retain a few but real friends.

They're never late because they don't need to be

People are sometimes overwhelmed, surprised, didn't expect it, got into trouble and all sort of reasons to explain why they are running behind and always late.

Whenever you are late for a meeting or an appointment, people will automatically and rightly assume that you view your time as more important than theirs. This will then, of course, terminates your chance of establishing a strong professional orpersonal relationship.

For their convenience and natural habit, successful people start the day a little earlier compared to others. Arriving early to their first scheduled event is a must and is their first priority. Thinking that they'll waste time is not in their worry. Planning is what they are good at and make things ahead and bring any strategy or techniques they need to use and make an early appearance.

They never decide and think that they don't have enough time.

There is always someone that we know who just seems to be able to do everything and eventually finish more things than others are capable of. It is a wonder how do they it and will make you think if they have a life at all.However, they do have a life, which might be greater than yours. They know how to make the priorities for what is important to them and actually make them happen.

Figuring out and prioritizing to what is more important to you will strip away your burdens of actually falling into something that won't benefit you.

The same amount of time is given to us, the only thing that separates us is the way we use this time to make our accomplishments.

Successful people utilize time to create great accomplishments.

They are never afraid to do what matters.

If there is something that we need to be afraid of is ourselves. We are all afraid. What might happen or what might not happen scares us, we are scared that we don't have the capability to accomplish something and others will forsake us just because of it.

These things lead us to hesitation, make us do a little waiting, make a decision that a more work is needed or explore more things before finishing this job. And then again make a waiting until you haven't noticed that your dreams have also come to pass by waiting for another opportunity to grab them.

Don't let your fears overwhelm you and prevent you from reaching your dreams. Whatever you plan to do, places to go, titles to achieve or whatever it is that you dream of, the best time to start it is today. The first step is always the hardest but you don't have to look at the whole staircase, just take the first step until you climb up to the top.

Successful people cast out their fears and start to anything and everything that they want to accomplish. They are more afraid in the thought of looking back and saying "If I only had....". 


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