Officers strapped a point-of-view camera onto a police dog for a full day in New York City. (KTRK)


World, meet Zane.

As a police dog working with the New York City Police Department, Zane spends his days keeping mass transit safe, sniffing his way through Grand Central Station and constantly prowling for anything out of the ordinary -- with quick breaks to greet his adoring fans, naturally.

Officers recently outfitted him with a point-of-view camera to give his fans an exclusive look at a day in the life of a police canine.

NYPD then posted the footage of Zane's journey to facebook, where it garnered thousands of shares and caught the attention of dog fans the world over.

"Absolutely love this!! What a brilliant thing to do you've both been very busy. Love the fact that K9 Zanes tail is wagging all the time. GSDs are the best dogs always want to please and be with you. Best wishes to you all in the NYPD," wrote one viewer.


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