Everyone have heard of the iPhone, iPad, iPod, and iMac, but does everyone has the idea what the letter 'i' means?

The letter 'i' that is part of every successful product of Apple Company was actually introduced along with the first ever launch and introduction of the first-ever iMac in 1998. Steve Jobs being the head of the company, introduced their first ever production powerful computer to the public, the iMac. Jobs has explained the advantages of the computer, its reliability and and technology. The iMac was then launched together with the legendary letter that has been part of the brand and its success, the 'i'. The 'i' have accompanied the future products of Apple from then, the iPhone, iPod,  and iPad. Here's what Steve Jobs' explanation is for the letter 'i', and additionally the whole presentation of the first level of the advance technology that we are using today.


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