Ariana Grande's impersonation game is on point, and just perfectly sang these songs like she borrowed their original singers.

Britney Spears, Rihanna, CelineDion and Shakira would now be at ease if ever they need a day off and look for a proxy performance, as Ariana Grande effortlessly sang their songs at the SNLshow on March 12. Surely the next performers for the show for the coming weeks would really have a hard time surpassing this high bar performance of Ariana.

Ariana performed at theTidal as an Intern with the name Chloe. The shy but perfectly talented intern had to come in as a solution to the music network problem which crashed its system.The music network had the problem with Britney Spears song streaming. The tech has remembered that he recently heard Ariana, or should we say Chloe theIntern singing Britney Spears Song in the hallway. As a genius idea, they prompted her to sing the Britney Spears song until the system goes back to running.

The systems got into several troubles, making Chloe sang different songs and perfectly hits the notes, from whispering the “Baby one more time”, on Shakira’s powerful “whenever, Wherever”,then copying Rihanna’s “werk werk” like she’s saying a foreign language and up to the reminiscing notes to Whitney Houston’s “I will Always Love You”.

It’s just so cool how she can do them so funny but admiring at the same time. For now, we will just have to wait for her next impersonations and sure thing for it is that we can expect a good one.

Watch Her Perform and Hear Those Perfectly Hit Notes


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